Multiple Server Deployment

HI Team,

I have a requirement where i need to deploy the same code to different servers tide on single environment. Like for DEV we need to deploy the code remotely using some MQSI command to different different server.

Each server have there own connection properties , how i can deploy and manage those properties. Please help.

I was earlier using IBM Udeploy there we defined the servers specific property to resource level but here i dont find any such option.


Thank you for your question!

This sounds like something we can work out. Before I get into detail, please could you let me have a little more information?

  1. Each server have there own connection properties

    Are these connection properties for Octopus to connect to the servers? Or for the servers to connect to other servers in the same environment?

  2. The code you are deploying using MSQI, are you planning on having a script with the commands?


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