Multiple "No Managed Code"


We are using Octopus 3.4.2 currently. I have successfully configured a .NET 1.0 Core project. In a step to create the AppPool, I am setting the Managed Runtime Version to “No Managed Code” as below:

(Attached image 1)

This works fine for the first time, but on second release onwards, it creates a second option in Application Pool setting as below. Obviously this causes the application to fail (though the release succeeds). If I then manually change the .NET framework version to the first “No Managed Code” option in the dropdown, the app starts working again.

(Attached image 2)

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Thanks for reaching out! It seems like the template you are using from our library wasn’t prepared to set pools to “No managed code”. I’ve sent a PR to get this fixed.

In the meantime please use this version of the template with the fix. It should give you a dropdown option to set it to “No managed code”:

Let me know if that works,

Thanks Dalmiro,

I used the template you mentioned and it resolved the issue.

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Dharmesh - Glad to hear that worked for you!

For anyone else running into this issue: The PR with that fix has been merged and you should now be getting the latest version of that step template from our Library:



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