Multiple active release branches


I’m trying to figure out how to best set up Octopus using Multiple active release branches (

I got all set up fine and the different channels are producing releases as expected but I can’t figure out how to get a specific channels version deployed to the correct environment.

What I want to do is to define is really a matrix of channels and environments so that depending on which channel a certain release is created in, it should be deployed to a specific environment.

Currently I have separated the both main versions as totally different products really and I’m guessing that it is far from how to do it.

Why I have done that is that when I deploy the channels isn’t considered so both main versions are deployed to the deployment target regardless of which channel is being deployed.
I’m confused as you can have guessed but I just can’t separate the main versions through the entire process since I can’t specify a channel for a specific deployment target. I can only set the role and in my case they have the same role, i.e. Server for the server parts of the product.

Do you have a good example of setting up the environments for this scenario that I can look at? The documentation I mentioned above shows how to set up the channels and that works fine, but how do I separate the main versions during the deployment step?

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for getting in touch! From what you have described I think the part of this process that you are missing is Lifecycles as these can be defined at a channel level.
A Lifecycle lets you define the pipeline and environments a project can be deployed to. so each of your channels can have their own Lifecycle defined.
The following documentation page explains about Lifecycles:
Our Demo site also has a channels project which uses multiple Lifecycles depending on channel to view how its setup:

Please let me know if you have any further questions or if I have misunderstood your problem.

Hope that helps!