Multiline Variables in Manual Intervention Instructions


We’re experiencing an issue very similar to this one:

I can recreate the issue with a simple output variable assigned to a 2 line string such as:

$result = @'
line 1
line 2

Write-Output $result

Set-OctopusVariable -name "Result" -value "$result"

this displays in the instructions as:

line 1 line 2

The Task Log shows the same variable output correctly on 2 lines from the powershell script.

We’re using version 2018.5.7.

Hi Dave,

The manual intervention instructions use markdown syntax and to insert a new line, you need to add a blank line between each line. I.e.

$result = @"


I hope that helps.

Thank you and kind regards,


I’m familiar with Markdown, however typically MarkDown renders single line breaks as a new line, and double as a new paragraph. This would be really useful to support. I’m not actually in control of the formatting of the content as it is the output from a process run by a PowerShell script.

For now I’m wrapping the variable with 3 backticks so it gets formatted as code and this works well.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Dave,

Good to hear that you’ve got a workaround for the issue, I’ll investigate why we’re not properly rendering single new lines.


Thanks Henrik.

I’ve just done a bit more reading - I think there is some variance between different MarkDown parsers, some requiring a double space at the end of the preceding line in order to treat as a line break. Unfortunately the MarkDown Documentation linked to from the Octopus UI doesn’t cover this.


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