MSI package installation from network path


We are running Octopus Deploy version and I have run into an issue with MSI package installation. I am using a pre-defined step called “Run - Windows installer”. I want to specify a network path where installer is placed ( \shareserver\folder1\package.msi). Unfortunately this way step fails complaining file can’t be found (error 1619). If path with letter is specified - all goes well (C:\temp\file.msi).
After investigating what is being executed by Octopus I found that when checking path two powershell commands are used: Test-Path and Resolve-Path. I don’t know why both of them are needed because Test-Path return “true” even id a network path is given. However, Return-Path returns Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::\servername\folder\file.msi . And of course later on this path can’t be found. Will there be a fix for this or have I missed something when looking at Octopus script and path handling?

Lauras Juozulynas

Hi Laurus

Thanks for getting in touch.

Good pickup, this script wasn’t written with network paths in mind. It’s an easy fix though, change the line :

$actionOptionFile = Resolve-Path $MsiFilePath


$actionOptionFile = (Resolve-Path $MsiFilePath).ProviderPath

and it should work for you. Let me know and I can update the script in the community library.