Moving Octopus Server from one machine to another, retaining the database server as it is


We are moving all our VMs from one data center to another and that includes the Octopus VM. We are not moving the database so that will remain as it is.

We are not sure if all the tentacles will automatically talk to the new Octopus server if the DNS remains the same but the IP . We have massive number of tentacles and don’t want to go through the exercise of re-configuring the tentacles.

Kindly help on the process


Hi Badal,

Thanks for getting in touch! When transferring Octopus to the new server you need to ensure that you copy master key onto the new server so it is the same as the old server. This will make sure the thumbprint remains unchanged.
If the Tentacles are in listening mode then there should not be any issues. However if they are in polling mode you will need to script the change with hydra and that will take a bit of time.

Please let me know if you would like clarification.