Moving from old to new licence model

(Matt Salmon) #1

Hi, I have a query around licencing.

We’ve had a long-term licence model for an on-premise, self-hosted Octopus Deploy server which was based on the old “team” model of having up to 60 users, 60 projects and 60 deployment targets. I understand from this GitHub post these ‘things’ were mix-and-match in the old model. In our case this means we’re up to 70 deployment targets, but we’re still within our licence because even with the user and project numbers added in we’re still under 180 “things”.

In the new licence model, am I right in thinking that there’s no limit on the number of users and projects, and the licence tiers are exclusively driven by deployment targets?


(Ziaul Islam) #3

Hi Matt,

Yes, you are exactly right. Its exclusively dependant on deployment targets.

I’ve attached a link for you below so you can see exactly how we price deployment targets:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

(Matt Salmon) #4

Thanks for confirming Ziaul - just one follow-up query from me.

I have an instance of Octopus running version 3.3.2 under the older team licence I described. I’m intending to change our licence to the new model and if I understand the licencing correctly I should be able to install a second instance with the new licence, but also apply this new licence to our old instance (since the new licence model covers up to 3 instances)?

Can you clarify if this is correct?

The reason for wanting to take this approach is to give us a window of time to migrate a series of projects across to the new instance rather than attempt an in-place upgrade of the existing instance, potentially affecting a large number of projects at the same time.

(Ziaul Islam) #5

Hi Matt,

Yes, that’s correct. The new model covers up to three instances.

As soon as you purchase a new license, your current instance will upgrade to that licence automatically.

I hope this information has been useful to you.

Kind regards,