Moving "External Feeds"

Hi, we are about to move our Artifactory instance and it will be getting a new URL. We have releases for the past couple of years who’s process points at this External Feed.

My question is, if I change the URL in the External Feed, will previous deployments now pull from the URL? Just not sure if it’s the feed name or the feed URL that is stored in the process snapshot…

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch. We store the Feed ID rather than the URL, so updating the Feed should result in the switchover working just fine.

In an ideal world, I’d always prefer to retain the original feed URL, just in case there’s third-party code or custom script that relies on it, but Octopus Server itself would be unaffected by a move.



Hi John, thanks for confirmation of that, that’ll make the move easier.

The ideal world doesn’t exist in my scenario I’m afraid, we’re moving our Artifactory instance from our internal network to “the cloud” which then has to have a different TLD.