Move SQL database to new server

When I upgraded our Octopus server, I used a temporary database server for the new Octopus database. I need to move the database to our production database server. I have a plan I would like your comments on before I try it:

  1. Shut down Octopus server
  2. Backup SQL database
  3. Restore SQL database on production server
  4. Change the data source element in Octopus.Storage.ExternalDatabaseConnectionString setting in “OctopusServer.config” to my new SQL server
  5. Start Octopus server

Will that work, or is there some background magic related to the DB server? :slight_smile:


Thanks for reaching out. You should be good with those steps for the DB migration. No spells required :wink:

If you are using the built-in repository and you also want to migrate the NuGet packages, you’re gonna have to do that part manually. For this check step 5 on this guide



This was after the upgrade from 2.6 to 3 was finished :slight_smile: All packages etc. was already in place. The database was simply running on the wrong database-server.

I can confirm that the Octopus Server works just fine after following the 5-step procedure I listed above :slight_smile: