Move regular variables to global variables

Is there a way to move or convert project variables to global variables?

We have an IIS project with approx 70 variables which we want to convert to a global list so it can be used by both the IIS project and a new Windows Service project.

We keep our IIS, Windows Service and Database elements in different projects as we find this easier to manage since they are released at different intervals and frequencies.

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for reaching out. This can be done using the API, though it can be a little tricky. There’s an OSS Project called Octoposh that can give you a hand with this:

Example of adding all of a Project’s variables to a new Library Variable Set:

Example of appending all of a Project’s variables into an already existing Library Variable Set:

Let me know if those examples work for you (I’ve just added them to that wiki),

Best regards,