"most-recent-deployment" API url shows null ReleaseId

When I browse the API’s "most-recent-deployment’ (/api/projects/{project-id}/most-recent-deployment), I’m finding that the ReleaseId is typically null, while the associated Release has a non-null Id (when I navigate to the Release via the Deployment’s Links).

I recently upgraded to v1.1.1.1394, and I had thought the ReleaseId had been non-null, when I made the calls in v1.0.31.1366, although I could be mistaken.

Would it be possible to propagate the id of the Release to the Deployment object?

mostRecentDeploymentSnippet.txt (1 KB)

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for letting me know, this must have been a failed merge on my part. I’ll have it fixed in the next release; in the mean time, you can get the release ID from the Links collection on the deployment resource (either by regex or a GET request and reading the JSON). Sorry for the inconvenience.