Monitor workers from another space

Hello, is there any way to execute health checks on workers from another space? currently, our structure gives each team a space where they can work with their applications, but we would like to keep the monitoring of the workers in a centralized DevOps space.

is there a way to do this or is this behavior currently not supported?

Thanks beforehand for the help.

Hello @ezio.tobioli , thanks for reaching out and welcome to the forum!

Can you expand a little more on what you’re wanting to accomplish? Workers, like targets, are scoped per space. Due to that, all health checks run in the space where the targets are registered.

However, you can check the status of those workers from another space. The REST API in Octopus supports scoping API calls to specific spaces, which can give you the ability to query the behavior and status of those resources from a centralize DevOps space.

Let me know if that helps, or if you still have other questions. I’m happy to help!