Modeling Approval Based Workflow

I am trying to implement a release process that models this simple workflow:
Deploy to Dev -> Dev Lead Approves -> Deploy to Test -> Test Lead Approves -> Deploy to Prod

I have created two teams: DevTeam only has access to the Dev environment; TestTeam only has access to the Test environment. Both teams have a different user with the Project Viewer role (and only that role). The Project View role gives both users the InterruptionViewSubmitResponsible permission.

My deployment process has two defined actions: Deploy Package (both Dev and Test environments are available destinations) followed by Manual Intervention. Both DevTeam and TestTeam are assigned as Responsible Teams for the manual intervention.

When I deploy a release to the Dev environment using this process, the TestTeam user is able to assign the interruption to themselves and then approve it. How do I prevent this? I want to configure this such that only the DevTeam user can approve the workflow for this environment.

Second question: how do I prevent deploying a release to the Test environment before the Dev deployment has been approved?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch! The simple solution is to have two manual intervention steps one with a scope to dev and the other scoped to test. They will only run on the correct environment. And then each can have its responsible team also correctly set. As for your second question, it is not yet possible to limit where deployments can happen but that is coming soon with Lifecycles:

Hope that helps!

So are you suggesting that I model the full workflow as a single deployment rather than using promotions?

Hi Mark,

Not at all. Having the two steps will still allow for promotions. It will just know when its on the Dev environment that only the dev team can run and manage the manual intervention step because that step was scoped to Dev and their team, and then when its promoted to Test, only the test team can manage the manual intervention step as only their scoped step will deploy.

Please let me know if I can explain this better.