Missing variables in "Insert variable" list


When I open the “Insert variable” list for the script multi-line text-box in the “Run a script step” I see only variables defined for the project and ones starting with Octopus.Action. All the other are not visible there. For example all Octopus.Deployment, Octopus.Environment, Octopus.Release, Octopus.Machine etc. variables are not present.

I checked and Octopus.Release.Number has the expected value despite the fact it is not in the list. So I assume this is a bug, right?


In which version of Octopus is this happening? Can you share a screenshot of where do you think these variables are missing?


The version is 3.4.1. I am attaching a screenshot.

Thanks for the heads up. Logged it as a bug which you can track here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/2684

Great, I am closing this for now.