Missing "User Roles" tab on Teams setup


I’m trying to create a Team and Assign specific User Roles to this team. However I do not see the “User Roles” tab. I only see “ADD MEMBERS”. I’m a member of the “Octopus Administrators”, so I assume I should have all of the permissions. What am I missing and how can I assign roles to Teams?

Hi @igor.kholodenko,

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Thanks for reaching out.

If you’re a part of Octopus Administrators you should have the ability to manage any team. Are you able to manage other teams or are all teams showing this behavior? Is the tab there when you go to Octopus Administrators, or is it missing within that team as well?

Would you be able to privately message an export of your user permissions as well as a screenshot of the user roles of the Octopus Administrators tab? You can export permissions with the Test Permissions button in the Configuration tab.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jeremy, thank you for your response! I think I figured out what the problem was. The tab was actually there all along I just didn’t see it, b/c when I clicked on the Team the screen was scrolled down and I just didn’t realize that. Apparently it keeps the scroll position from previous screen you were on.

When I scroll up I do see the tabs there.

It was just a weird way that the screen opened up and I didn’t realize that it was there.

Hi @igor.kholodenko,

You’re very welcome! Thanks for the update. That doesn’t seem like good behavior, so I’d like to let the engineers know if I can reproduce it, but I’m not able to reproduce it on my end. I have a really simple teams setup which may be keeping it from happening. Which version of Octopus are you on? Are you using Chrome or Firefox? Approximately how many teams do you have? And you were scrolled all the way down on that page when you clicked into one of the teams?


I’m using Chrome and I’m on v2020.5.249. I don’t have too many teams either. This is actually the first custom team that I’ve added. The menu on the left has many items, so I scrolled down to get to the Teams:

Then, after I clicked on the team I was trying to edit the screen remained scrolled down and I didn’t realize it.

Hey @igor.kholodenko,

Thanks for all the steps and info.

Please reach out in the future with any other issues and I hope you have a great rest of your week!


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