Missing Task History, Deployment History and Audit History in Version 2018.3.12

recently we have upgraded Octopus from V4.1.8 to V2018.3.12. After upgrade, we are not seeing

  1. Task History
  2. Deployment History in the release
  3. Deployment activity logs in the Audit.

Please see the screenshots for more information. Please revert back to me as soon as possible, this is kind of an urgent thing, since we are unable to derive who is deploying releases and causing issues while debugging issues.

Please note that this is not a permissions issue, because I’m an Octopus admin, have full access.


Hi Kishore,

3. Deployment activity logs in the Audit.
Is this when you go to Configuration->Audit and filter the events by the Analysis_REVISE_WebApp project?

I’ve not been able to replicate the issue you are seeing locally, so could you go to Configuration->Test Permissions select yourself and click the Export button and send that CSV file through to me please, this should help me troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi! Any progress with this problem? We are having similar issues after upgrading to 2018.4.5. We can see the Task History for some of our projects but not for all. At the moment we have not been able to reproduce this behaviour.


Hi Joacim,

As I was unable to reproduce the issue locally, I am not sure why this issue is happening.

What version did you upgrade from?

Could you run the below SQL queries and let me know if any of them are returning any results.

FROM [dbo].[Event]
WHERE [ReleaseId] = '<ReleaseIdForWhichYouCannotSeeDeploymentHistory>'

FROM [dbo].[Event]
WHERE [TaskId] = '<ServerTaskIdForWhichYouCannotSeeDeploymentHistory>'

Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Henrik,

We upgraded from version 4.1.5

Joining the DeploymentEnvironment and the Release table we can see that we do have event data for the Release.ID we were looking for.

Havent had time to figure out how to get event data for taskId from the database yet.

Bet Regards /Joacim

in my case, because of Active Directory group permissions, i wasn’t able to see task history, audit, deployment history. I had to remove Active Directory group to access the history.

Thanks everyone for the response.

Hi Kishore,

Thanks for the extra information, and good to hear that you figured out what was causing the issue.

Joacim, are you guys also using Active Directory groups to define permissions?

Thank you and kind regards,

Goodmorning Henrik,

That is the case for us too.

My account is a member of Octopus Administrators via an AD group. This AD group is in turn a member of another AD group which we use to give Performance testers access in Octopus.

For some reason which I don’t understand this introduces restrictions to what my account can see in Octopus.

If I use another account and include it only in Octopus Administrators it seems to work fine so problem solved.

Best Regards

Thanks Joacim for the extra information, I’ll go through the changes we’ve made between the versions your upgraded and see if I can find out the reason that is causing this issue. I know we’ve done a fair bit of work in the permissions space.

Thank you and kind regards,

Hi Joacim and Kishore,

We’ve confirmed this is a bug in how we apply permissions and I’ve raised this issue to have this resolved as soon as possible.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this.

Thank you and kind regards,

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Hello All,

Apologies for the long turn around time on this bug. It was attached to a larger piece of work that was intended to resolve it. For those who were curious it was likely introduced in either 2018.3.6 or 2018.3.10 - there were other manifestations of this bug.

We’ve shipped a fix for this in 2018.8.12.