Missing some configuration between TeamCity and the Octopus Server


i am had configure teamcity with tfs successfully and also able to build the teamcity package correctly.

Now i am trying to push the TeamCity packages to the octopus server.
Here i have attached the errors and the teamcity/octopus configurations one by one.

Let me know where and what i missed.if still need more details please let me know


Thanks for reaching out!

In the screenshot number 2 I can see that you are trying to push the packages to http://localhost:8080/nuget/packages/. This push is what’s failing on screenshot 1

Then on screenshot 4 It looks like you are trying to fetch the packages from http://[edited]:9191/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1..., which by the looks of screenshot 5 is actually working just fine, because we can see the package pricingService.TeamCity version 96, which is what you were trying to push in screenshot 1.

The question is then: which feed do you actually want to use to push and pull your packages?

  • The one in Octopus (http://localhost:8080/nuget/packages/)
  • The TeamCity one (http://[edited]:9191/httpAuth/app/nuget/v1...). This one seems to be working already. If you just clear the fields on screenshot 2 on the Octopus Publishing, you should get rid of the error in the first screenshot and be able to continue with the CI process.

Let me know how that goes,

Thank you so much. Its works