Missing Resource while deployment

getting missing Resource Error while deployment. This is only happening for one user. All other are able to deploy same release without any change. On clicking Deploy button “Missing resource” is coming under environment drop down.

Good morning @sbindra,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and sorry to hear one of your users is getting a missing resource on one of the environments.

Usually when we see this it is down to permissions, can you confirm the user having the issue has the permission to deploy to that resource, are they selecting it from the dropdown menu or is it already pre-selected in the environments when they go to deploy?

Is the user in the same teams as the other users who are able to deploy to that environment? If not could you test putting the user in the same teams as the other users and ensuring their scopes are correct for that environment and see if that allows them to deploy?

If this does not work can you get a HAR file from that user when they try and deploy to that environment and we can take a look and see if that gives us any more information. I have created you a secure link here you can upload the HAR file to if the permissions are correct.

Let me know once you have uploaded it if you need to and I can take a look for you,
Kind Regards,

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