Missing item in Configuration > Teams, and select the Roles item in the Tool area, version 2.3.6

We are currently upgrading our 1.6 environment to 2.3.6 and noticed that the Roles item is missing from the tool area in Teams configuration.
According to documentation http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Security+and+un-scoped+variables The ability to configure specific roles for a team should be there. However We don’t see the ability to edit specific roles in our tool bar. We only have the Add Team button.
I am wondering if there is an issue with our install or if we need to change something? The ability to configure specific roles for our environment would be a great plus as the out of box roles don’t quite satisfy our security restrictions particularly around vars.
If you have any thoughts on this I would be greatly appreciative of the help.

Hi Jeramie,

Thanks for getting in touch! This feature was recently added to a pre-release version of Octopus 2.4, so it isn’t yet available in Octopus 2.3.6. In 2.3.6 there’s currently no way to customize the built-in roles. Sorry for the confusion and hope that helps!