Missing Azure options in the Octopus Server


(mcalnd) #1

Hi, in one of our server instances we are missing mostly Azure options. Octopus version is 2018.8.2

The options in RED are missing. What could we have missed from the installation pre-reqs??


(mcalnd) #2

This is what I mean…Powershell 5 is installed (Running on a WIndows 2016 Server)

(Shannon Lewis) #4


The second screenshot is showing 2018.2.8 as the version number, which would explain the missing options. Is it possible there was a typo on the version to download/install for that server?


(mcalnd) #5

Hi Shannon, I did not spot that! I misread the release number :slight_smile: D’oh

Will try and get it updated and report back!