Missing assemblies from dll

I am experiencing a conflict while writing a script for automating tentacle installation at http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Automating+Tentacle+installation.

I have followed the script to a tee but I am receiving an error for $tenticleEndpoint = New-Object Octopus.Client.Model.EndPoints.ListeningTentacleEndpointResource, saying: 'Verify that the assembly containing this type is loaded. I have add type -path to the octopus.client.dll so it should load. The documentation says ‘endpoints’ should be under ‘octopus.client.model’ but when I look it up, it does not exist. So, how do I get this missing assembly if it is not under octopus.client.model as stated in the documentation?


Thanks for reaching out. That script was for Octopus 2.X and it changed a bit for 3.X. I’ve just updated it on our documentation: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Automating+Tentacle+installation

Let me know if the new script works for you.



I am currently using octopus version 2.6.5. My question is how do I use Octopus.client to register a tentacle on this version. I see the only documentation for this is on version 3.0, which is the documentation I used to create a script. The only errors I am getting is it saying that .endpoints is not in the octopus.client assembly, but it should be. Here is my script and error message.

Here’s an update. The “.endpoints” does not exists in the Octopus.Client.Model assembly. That is the problem.


Hi Adam,

Sorry for my crappy previous reply, I should have given you more information.

When I said That script was for Octopus 2.X and it changed a bit for 3.X. I should have mentioned that for 3.X you need to use the 3.X assemblies. You are still using the 2.X ones, reason why you cant see .endpoints.

You can get the latest assemblies from the link below, or on your Octopus server on the install dir. I’d recommend the latter because on that directory you can also get the version of Newtonsoft.json that goes along with that Octopus version.


Hope that helps,

Thanks Dalmiro,

I just misunderstood but now I understand what’s going on. Thanks for the fast response.