Migration - The master key does not match the encryption used in the database

I create an isolated deployment server instance using a database restore of the non-isolated server. I have done a couple migrations and they worked fine. Migrations recently started failing with “The master key does not match the encryption used in the database” I did not change the master key, and when i look at the master key in the manager, they match. I am hesitant to do another database restore as i do not want to have to do this on a regular basis.

also, when a migration did complete… the release state was inconsistent. I pushed a release to non-isolated, verified it went to an environment, did migration, at the destination the release had not completed in that phase so i was unable to promote.


Hi Shawn,

I believe that error message may be inaccurate in this case.

The migrator doesn’t actually use the master-key. What it does use is the password supplied during Import\Export. Is it possible you are supplying the incorrect password when importing?

Regarding your second issue (inconsistent release state), can I ask how you are importing\exporting? i.e. are you running it via the Octopus Manager UI, or via the command line? If via the command line, could you please supply the commands you are executing?


I was able to get a functioning import/export yesterday. I was using command line and i scrapped it and built another one from the gui. I have tested my import/export scripts a few times now and they appear to be working correctly. I think it might not have been the command. I did not actually look through the data when it was broken, but I was zipping the export on one end and unzipping on the other and i think it was flattening the folder structure. I must not have made that mistake in my complete rewrite. The master key thing just threw me off for a while.