Migrating On Prem SQL2014 DB to AzureSQL

We currently run a legacy version of Octopus on Prem (2019.3.5LTS). this is connected to a SQL2014 server for it’s database. As part of a migration project, I am trying move the database to AzureSQL; however when i try to do this, it fails with the following error “one or more unsupported elements were found in the schema used as part of a data package”.

I then receive SQL71564 errors for the elements User and Login:
The element User: [xxx] has property AuthenticationType set to a value that is not supported in Microsoft Azure SQL Database v12.
The element Login: [xxx] has property IsMappedToWindowsLogin set to a value that is not supported in Microsoft Azure SQL Database v12.

I cannot find a solution to this - can anyone help?

Hi @ian.rushton,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community forums!
Sorry to hear you’re encountering difficulties migrating your SQL database.

It looks like you may have to review the users that are configured on the database and how they are authenticating.
It looks similar to the error found here: BACPAC export fails if database contains Windows Authentication users · Issue #3337 · microsoft/azuredatastudio · GitHub.

There’s also some really handy answers to similar issues here which may be useful resources for yourself if you haven’t seen them already: Database migration on Azure VM/Azure SQL Database - Microsoft Q&A.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you’re able to get the export working as expected or if you run into any further roadblocks with your Octopus DB migration.

Kind Regards,

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