Migrating data from existing, outdated instance to new one

What is the best way to migrate data from our existing Octopus installation (2019) to our new one (2022)?

Would it be to upgrade the old one and use the migration tool? Or could it be as simple as cloning the database and pointing our new instance to it?


Hey @benjamin.gordon,

Thanks for reaching out on our help forum, and welcome to the community! The best approach would depend on your current setup. Are you just moving your Octopus server from a windows 2019 VM to a 2022 VM? Is your database moving as well? We have several guides that can help based on your migration scenario. You can view the different migration scenarios here - Moving your Octopus components to other servers - Octopus Deploy.

Let me know if one of those guides fits your scenario or if you have any additional questions.


Hi Brent,

We essentially want to clone our current instance (2019 Windows VM) and DB to a new VM (2022 Windows VM). We have already installed the new Octopus and have provisioned a DB to be used. Now we need to get all the data from the old one to the new one, without having much downtime on the old one because it will still be in use.

So we are not necessarily moving our Octopus server, just trying to clone all the data to a new one.


Hey @benjamin.gordon,

That should be relatively simple. It sounds like you intend the use a new DB along with the new 2022 server. If that is correct, here’s what I’d recommend. Take a full DB backup of your current Octopus database. Restore that DB into the new DB cluster. Install the exact same Octopus version you’re currently on in your new 2022 server. When you get to the setup phase on the new server, point the installation at the newly restored DB. Then you’d essentially have two working but separate, copies of your Octopus instance. This method would also not affect the use of your current instance but keep in mind that anything that takes place in your old instance after you take that DB backup will not be present in your new one, so you may need to place the old instance in maintenance mode during your migration to ensure no deployments are performed.

Let me know if you have any questions.