Migrated from EntityFramework 6.2.0 to 6.4.4

Hi, we recently have migrated from EntityFramework 6.2.0 to 6.4.4, everything is working fine on local machine but its getting failed while updating the database as a part of octopus build.
The error is -

Failed: Migrate Database
Executing script on ‘News Bank Web (DEV)’
D:\APPLICATIONS\Abb.NewsBank.Edit\bin\ef6.exe True
& D:\APPLICATIONS\Abb.NewsBank.Edit\bin\ef6.exe Abb.NewsBank.Cor
e.dll /startupConfigurationFile=D:\APPLICATIONS\Abb.NewsBank.Edit
\Web.config /verbose

Hey @85.ehsan,

Thanks for reaching out to Octopus Support!
Sorry to hear you’re encountering issues.

It appears that you’re making use of a 3rd party application/tool that works fine when used locally but not when part of an Octopus build.

Are you able to make sure that there are the correct dependencies/prerequisites installed on the deployment target that Octopus is using for the deployment?
It may be that there are prerequisites installed on your local machine that are not installed on the worker machine that Octopus is using.

If you’re not sure, we’d be happy to look at the raw task log from the deployment in question and see if we can spot any reason why it may be failing?

Feel free to upload the task log to this thread or if you’d rather upload it somewhere private, feel free to upload it to our secure support files hosting: Support Files | 85.ehsan.

Kind Regards,

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