MFA question

We are installing and configuring Octopus Deploy 2019.3.4 on our LAN. This is not a internet facing installation and does not have a public facing url.

We need to configure MFA. I have looked at the Azure AD documentation and it says that you need to use a public URL to the Octopus server for the sign-on url. Is there anyway that you can use Azure AD without having a public facing URL for Octopus ?.

We have RSA radius, can Octopus integrate with this ?.

Have you any suggestions ?.


Hi Conor,

Thanks for getting in touch! I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. That statement in the Azure Active Directory doc page (“The value you specify for Sign-On URL should be a public URL to your own Octopus Server”) is in fact incorrect. I’ve updated it to instead say “The value you specify for Sign-On URL should be the URL to your Octopus Server. This address is linked within your browser, so only has to be resolvable on your network, not from the public internet.

I hope that helps clarify this and get you going! Let me know how you go or if you have any questions or concerns moving forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,