MethodNotAllowed when updating a user using the Rest API (octopus 2.6)


We recently had all of our domain users had their username change (to support office 365).
As you can imagine this had thrown everything in to chaos with over 150 users completely losing their permissions.

So, at the moment Octopus keeps creating new users!
dejan.vasic@tower.lan = (and now one is an entirely new user).

The solution we are thinking is to simply update the usernames via the API. The GET works just fine but the POST does not.

Please see the screenshot.
Let me know what could be going wrong…


Found the problem

When inspecting the request made by the website, I found that in octopus 2.6 there is another header that has to be send. X-HTTP-Override-METHOD=“PUT”

This did the trick in the end!