Mark a deployment successful after a step failed

We’ve had a couple scenarios over the last few months where our production deployments have failed for various reasons unrelated to the actual deployment, but to secondary steps.

e.g. We have a slack and email notification step that blasts out when a deployment completes so everyone is aware on the product teams. Occasionally the slack webhook errors out. 1 time the email server was down.

Earlier today someone enabled a server that wasn’t ready for deployment, so I just disabled it before it got to that server, but it tried to start to deploy to that server anyway (last in the list so the rest of the environment was done) and just hung since the tentacle was disabled. I cancelled the deployment so now it’s in a yellow state.

Is there a way to set a flag or status that says “Despite the error, this deployment succeeded” so the board shows green and people don’t freak out or doesn’t force us to rerun the deployment just to get the green box?

Hi Ed,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately there is no way to do that at the moment. If a step fails, Octopus will mark the deployment as failed.

If you are up to it, please add this suggestion on Uservoice. If it gets enough votes from the community, we might consider working on something for this scenario on upcoming releases.



Try this workaround:

Redeploy the release to your target environment.
On the page where you choose which steps to run, skip all steps.
Click deploy.
The release will report success.

I added this as a uservoice request here: