Mapped drive as Octopus home directory


Is there any way to use a mapped network drive as Octopus home directory, instead of a drive installed directly on the machine hosting the Octopus server?
I’m interested in having Octopus built-in repository being held in a another location another then the machine I’m installing Octopus on.

Hi Victor,

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You can absolutely have the built in repository point to a network share, you can also do this with your artifacts and task log directories. Below are the commands that you need to run to set the directories, just replace the actual share paths as required.

Octopus.Server.exe path --artifacts \\Octoshared\OctopusData\Artifacts
Octopus.Server.exe path --taskLogs \\Octoshared\OctopusData\TaskLogs
Octopus.Server.exe path --nugetRepository \\Octoshared\OctopusData\Packages

Note: the account that your Octopus Server is running as must have read/write access to these shares.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with,


Thanks for the quick reply, Alex.
The NuGet repo is the same as the built-in repo? Sharing the same path?

Hi Victor,

It is, yes. That’s a legacy name from when it was just a NuGet repository :slight_smile:


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