Manually register a polling tentacle

Is there a way to register a polling tentacle manually? We have TLS issues when trying to register the tentacle from on-prem to our self-hosted instance on Azure. We’ve gone through the troubleshooting guide for tentacles without success. Currently we want to prove the to the customer that something is blocking http traffic so the thinking is that if we can bypass the registration step and the TCP connections work, we know 100% there is a config issue on the customer site.

Hi Nik,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve replied to your ticket via email but please let us know if you’d rather handle the issue here instead.


Hi Garrett,

There are details about the support ticket I would no be able to share publicly but we can have a discussion here about the general question of registering a polling tentacle manually. Is that is ok?

Hi @nik.grigoriadis,

I am sorry but I believe we have been speaking through emails about this issue. This forum topic is public (we can set it to private but it’s best to discuss through emails due to the nature of the issue you are experiencing).

Are we able to carry this conversation on through emails please just because we are at a later stage with that discussion and it will get rather confusing for both parties if we have multiple places we are trying to answer the same question?

We can provide secure links for document uploads on our ticketing email system which you are welcome to use if we need you to send logs which we have requested through our ticket email system.

Did you receive the email you were sent from us last night to push this issue further on for you? I think you have requested the client to run the script we sent? To avoid confusion for our support staff as we take over each other’s tickets to ensure queries get answered as soon as possible it might be best to close this forum post and discuss through emails if you are happy to do that?

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Clare Martin

Please feel free to close this

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