Manual task timeout still exists

we are using Octopus Deploy 3.0.18.
There was an fix in version 3.0.15 that removed a 20min Timeout on manual task.

(1895 - Removed 20 minute timeout from manual tasks)

I can partial agree with this fix. It removes a 20min timeout on the first manual task step, but on a second manual task in one process, it still have this 20min timeout.

Additional it seams there is a 1 day timeout for a manual task. In Octopus Deploy 2.6 a manual Task never times out.



HI Oliver,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please send us one of your deployment logs? I’ve been testing this for the past 50 minutes and it seems to work fine on my end. We completely removed the timeout, so it should go on even after a full day. See attached screenshot of my deployment.



Hello Dalmiro,

sorry my bad I didn’t described it exactly.

The manual Task do not time out by itself, but after I continue the manual task the hole process time out

I attached a task log. I waited 5h after I continue the manual task.

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ServerTasks-718.log.txt (67 KB)

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for sending over those logs. I wasn’t able to reproduce this by proceeding with the manual task a couple of minutes after it started. I just started another deployment with 2 manual tasks, and I’m gonna leave the 2nd one running for over 5 hours before proceeding to see if I can reproduce this.

Would it be possible for you to check if your deployment runs fine if you proceed with the 2nd manual task just a couple of minutes after it starts (instead of 5hs later)?



Hello Dalmiro,

I have just encountered the same issue using We have a series of approvals in our process that are acquired ahead of time (during business hours), then the deployment is intended to sit for (potentially) several hours before being executing (after business hours).

With the latest version, the manual intervention step stays open without timing out. However, the deployment times out as soon as I click proceed. I have attached my log and a screenshot as well, in case it will be useful. You can see the green check next to the “Cloud Approval” step, which appeared after I clicked proceed. However, it did not log the user and time, as it did with the other approvals, and the deployment will not proceed.

In my case, proceeding with the manual steps within a few minutes of the interruption results in a successful deployment.

ServerTasks-1201.log.txt (1 KB)


We’ve created a github issue to review this behavior:




Just wanted to let you know that this has been fixed in 3.0.21.

Best regards,