Manual Intervention step should better enable terraform plan review

We use the manual intervention step to force a review of terraform plans before apply. We are currently outputting the human readable form of the plan to a variable and rendering it in the manual intervention step. Unfortunately, the style of the content on this step is tightly controlled it seems, and therefore our attempts to render the plan with colors have failed. We tried both displaying the default ANSI coded output, which was not surprising when it did not work. But even after we successfully scripted a conversion of the ANSI to HTML spans with style attributes, Octopus strips those attributes out. This step is a great way to interrupt a terraform deploy for plan review, but it could be much better if it allowed the plan to be rendered with color codes.

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Hi John,
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I hear you on the output issue and the lack of content style.

We don’t have any good alternatives for you unfortunately but I do know the Terraform team are doing quite a lot of refactoring at present and while it might not have the highest priority it might be a good opportunity to slip in your suggestion as a quick job for their backlog.

We have a roadmap page with suggestions our customers can submit if you want to pop your idea in there:

Hopefully it will get consideration on the current round of dev work.

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