Manual intervention issue

Using “Octopus Deploy”.

I have a project with manual interventions as 1st and 2nd steps,
1st applies to “production”, 2nd step only applies to some environments eg TB1.
1st step responsible team contains AD security group A only.
2nd step responsible team contains AD security group B and one individual user X.

While deploying a release created last week into TB1, only the user X could perform “assign to me” and approve.
No one from the above mentioned AD group B could perform this, nor could the administrator of the octopus deploy server.
I have confirmed the AD security group does contain the correct AD user which is logged into octopus.

As this release is due to go to production, I am very concerned about this.
Is there a way to determine who exactly can approve a manual step of an existing release?
The project “process” steps do show this but, what if they were different when the release was created.

We are due to deploy this particular release to production where above mentioned step 1 will be used and I am worried noone will be able to approve it.