Manual intervention generates project modified event

Hi! We have subscription with filter for document types “Project” and event categories “Created”, “Modified” and “deleted”. We want only to see events of project creation/modification or deletion.

But there are also events from manual intervention: " Message: Submitted interruption Deploy release 2019.07.09.4915-master to requires failure guidance" (message example)
Octopus server 2019.3.1

Kind regards,
Alexander Yuzhanin

Hi there!
Is there some information about issue? Maybe you need additional diagnostic data?

Kind regards,
Alexander Yuzhanin

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have run this past the team and we currently discussing this behaviour. Though the Project document type should probably not trigger subscriptions for the Interventions. Especially as there is a specific Interventions document type which already controls this.

I will continue to follow up on this and let you know what is going on.

Best regards,

Hi, Daniel, thank you for the information - i’ll be waiting for some conclusion about this behaviour.

jfyi - there are some other combinations of scopes that causes unexpected behaviour. For example, Event subscription for environment changes (creation/modification/deletion) can be triggered by some of machine events. If you need additional info i can try to collect it.

Kind regards,
Alexander Yuzhanin

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