Manual Connectivity Checks Are Success-Failing

I have noticed an issue recently with our Octopus instance, running 2020.6 on a Windows build, with plans to migrate to the linux-hosted container version soon.

We are unable to successfully check any of our deployment targets’ health from the web console. Doing so provides a Green deploy, but it is immediate, with the following info-level messages:

Starting health check for a limited set of machines.

There are no active deployment targets to check

Is this expected behavior with polling tentacles or something? We changed from listening to polling over a year ago, but I feel like for sure we’ve been able to check health successfully on polling tentacles before. What’s going on?

Hey @jeffrey.mitchell,

Thanks for reaching out on our help forum. I’m sorry that you’re having some problems with health checks on your polling tentacles. I’ve got a few questions, if that is alright:

  • Can you tell me more about the machines you’re having issues with?
  • Is this happening with all your polling tentacles?
  • If not, which ones?
  • Can you send over a task log from one of the health checks that found no targets?
  • What are the machine policy settings for those tentacles? Are they different from the other tentacles?

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hey brent, let’s see!

  1. These are all Windows VMs, across various versions (2012r2, 2016 datacenter, 2019 datacenter)
  2. This is happening with all of our polling tentacles.
  3. The task log is the same as the bold text in the OP, and the “deployment” of the connectivity check finishes successfully immediately.
  4. We use the Default Machine Policy setting for all tentacles, and have not modified it from the default settings.

Hey @jeffrey.mitchell,

Thanks for the info. Can you check if these targets are disabled? The health check would skip any disabled tentacles, so if you have them currently disabled, you’d see that message with a ‘successful’ health check deployment.


Hey brent,

We don’t tend to keep many disabled targets in our environment, so all of these are enabled.

Hey @jeffrey.mitchell,

I think a zoom call might be needed for us to get this resolved. What is your availability like today or this week?


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