LTS vs "Fast Lane"

I see that there are now two types of releases - LTS and Fast Lane. As of today, LTS is 2018.10 and Fast Lane is 2018.9.

This doesn’t quite make sense - how could LTS be a newer version than Fast Lane? If I want to be on the Fast Lane, should I install LTS because it’s newer? And if I do, will I continue getting Fast Lane update notifications?

I don’t see the release note listed under 2018.10 being listed under 2018.9.x, so I presume it’s only fixed in LTS.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for getting in touch, and I agree that it’s a little odd that the LTS release is a higher version number than the fast lane, that really comes down to when it was released and what is going to be included in the next version of our fast ring :slight_smile:. We made the decision that with a major new feature due in the next fast ring release (spaces) we didn’t want to release this version just before our end of year shutdown where most our support and engineers are on annual leave.

To answer your questions, you can move from the LTS release to the fast ring, however you won’t be able to go back the other way (except in very specific circumstances). So for the moment I would recommend installing the LTS release, then moving back to the fast ring when the next version is released (which will be 2019.1 sometime in January) as you are correct that it has a fix that is currently not in the fast ring.

As for notifications, for now you will receive fast ring notifications with LTS installed, however this may change in future.

Going forward it will be highly unusual for the LTS release to be our newest release, as normally it would be released alongside a fast ring release.

Sorry for the confusion, please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with.


Alex - Thanks for the detailed response!