Long run time on "Updating the running deployment's variable set"

We’ve got a situation where intermittently (more often than not), one step in our Octopus (v2) deploy will run long (upwards of 60 minutes). Any thoughts on what might make this happen, or how we might be able to address it?

Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting in touch! This 60 minute delay is very odd! It is not often that we see a delay of such length. I will need to grab some more info off you to help troubleshoot this.
Below is a list of some info that will really help us to best troubleshoot this for you. :slight_smile:

What version of Octopus are you using?

Could you please attach a full deployment log for a deployment where this occurs?
(Here are instructions on retrieving the logs: http://docs.octopus.com/display/OD/Get+the+raw+output+from+a+task)

Is this delay occurring only on a specific Tentacle or on all of them?

What OS is the Tentacle installed on?

Could we also have the most recent Tentacle log from a Tentacle that has just experienced this delay?
(These can be found under C:\Octopus\Logs in a default Tentacle installation.)

Its a bit to get together but hopefully with all of that we can best piece together what could be causing this and get your deployments running smoothly. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi. Thanks for your response.

We are on Octopus Deploy (plans to upgrade this year)

Thus far, we’ve only been made aware of this happening on one tentacle, and it is very much intermittent. This particular tentacle is installed on Windows Server 2008, and is a listening tentacle. Octopus is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2.

ServerTasks-45488-longrun.log.txt (713 KB)

Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting back, however we will still need to grab the Tentacle logs before we can get to the bottom of whats happening here. Preferably around the time that this last occurred.

They can be found on the Tentacle server under C:\Octopus\Logs in a default installation.

Please let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile: