Long project and step name - inconsistent text wrapping, layout issues

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I have a project with a long name, where part of the name consists of a few words separated by full-stop marks. Also some steps in its process have names in a similar format.
The result in GUI is this:


Problems I can see here:

  • Project name is wrapped not where punctuation marks are, but inside the words (making it unnecessarily hard to read)
  • Step names are wrapped on whitespace only - inconsistently compared to project name, making part of the name invisible
  • The 3 dots menu on steps is rendered in different places, which looks off. I have other projects where that menu is rendered in an even worse way, like this:

Cloud version 2019.8.4.

(Kenneth Bates) #3

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for getting in touch and reporting this incorrect and unexpected behavior! We appreciate you taking the time to point out these multiple areas that need some fixing and improvement. I’ve raised this issue at the following link for you to track.

Thanks again, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns in the future!

Best regards,


(Jakub Januszkiewicz) #4

Thanks, I’ve subscribed to the GitHub issue.

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