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Would like to know if it’s possible to remove css radius on logo border-radius: 3.75rem;

It’s a visual break for us since we’re using square shaped logos.



Hi Pascal,
Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, the short answer is that there isn’t a way to do this at the moment and there are no plans currently on the roadmap to address this. With that being said our UX Team would love to see one of your logos to keep in mind for future planning.

If you’re ok with that, can you send over a screenshot of one of your logo’s and I’ll pass it along to our UX Team?

Kind Regards,


Hi Tina,

I will refactor all my logos.

I think the issue is more visible on dark theme mode as the background is still a light color (for compatibility with light theme I guess).
here the dashboard with our squared logos on your light background “radius” div:

Here the logo in the project (radius crop a little bit more)
On the dashboad in light theme seems ok

In the project in light theme same issue as in the dark mode

The main issue here is that our logo are juste a little bit too big to fit your new way of displaying them.

I will probably remove the square and make negative version of our logos…
Or better you can decrease original size of image with css to fit the entire old image size in the radius div (It’s probably a PI related function :slight_smile: )

Thank for your help.

PS: sorry for my poor english…

Hi Pascal,
My pleasure! Thank you for the images and extra detail. This issue is definitely more apparent in dark mode. I will take these to our UX team for feedback and let you know if they come back with any additional insight.

Thanks again for your clear feedback here. Have a great weekend!

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