Logging on issue with Active directory in Internet Explorer 11


I upgraded our octopus instance to 3.5 this morning, and since then, anyone who tries to log in via internet explorer get a 404 error.

They are presented with Welcome back! Please sign in. Sign in with a domain account.

when they click on the link they are shown a 404 not found error.

See attached screen shots

We don’t have the issue when using chrome.

i can’t find any errors in the logs


we’re now having this issue with chrome as well. it looks like this is the same issue as the other thread which is being followed.

do you have an idea of then this might be resolved?

Hi Jonathon

Thanks for getting in touch.

It turns out we’d broken virtual directory support in 3.5.0, so this would be failing in all browsers for you.

We’ve just released version 3.5.1 to address these problems. Image and API urls are now correctly resolved when Octopus Server is hosted using a virtual directory. Please see the downloads page for the latest version and let us know if you have anymore issues.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused. We’ve added additional steps to our internal release process to test this more thoroughly in the future.


confirmed to have been fixed in 3.5.1