Logging Improvement Request: Attempt 1 of 5: Unable to download package

In normal circumstances when downloading a package the OD raw log shows the following:

Downloading package (attempt 1 of 5)
Copying ‘\ODFileShare\NuGetFeed\MyPackageNameWithoutVersion.18.0717.10.2.nupkg’ to ‘D:\OctopusData\OctopusServer\PackageCache\feeds-OctopusNugetFeed\MyPackageNameWithoutVersion@S18.0717.10.2@12123F7ABC80DB4F807F316D46D25CDE.nupkg’ (10,85 MB)

However when there is a problem with downloading a package the raw log contains:

Downloading package (attempt 1 of 5)
Attempt 1 of 5: Unable to download package  MyPackageNameWithoutVersion  from NuGet feed 'OctopusNugetFeed' at \\ODFileShare\NuGetFeed: The package  MyPackageNameWithoutVersion  cannot be found in NuGet feed 'OctopusNugetFeed' at \\ODFileShare\NuGetFeed.

It would be very useful to get the exact path to the package being downloaded when it fails too. The line before these two names the package and and version but not as the exact path used. In our case we had extra spaces which was not easy to spot when only the parts of the path are logged.

The relevant code section is in this function:
Octopus.Core.Packages.NuGet.ExternalFileSystemNuGetPackageFeedWithLocalCache.DownloadPackageToLocalCache(String packageId, IVersion version, ITaskContext taskContext, LogContext logContext)



Thanks for contacting us. This looks like an excellent point to improve our error messages. I’ve created an issue for this and it should be worked on soon.


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