Logging for Kubernetes Deployment

(Luke) #1

I am having trouble deploying a Kubernetes system to AKS with a volume. It works fine without the volume so I suspect there might be a permission problem but nothings is logged in the log, it just eventually times out.

Is there a way to increase the logging of the deployment so I can see if any errors occur when the deployment is running?

(Ziaul Islam) #3

Hi Luke,

Welcome to Octopus!

To increase the logging information during your deployment.

I would recommend you change the settings to look like what I have done - by doing this it will increase the logging information for the deployment.

I hope this helps you. Any further questions, please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

(Luke) #4

Thanks Ziaul. Although the logging didn’t directly show me the error, it gave me the yaml file to run for the deployment so I could take Octopus out of circuit.

The actual problem was that the storage class I was using was not compatible with Azure but there is no error deploying the storage class or the deployment, you can only see the error with kubectl describe pvc where it shows an errors with provisioning.

(Ziaul Islam) #5

Hi Luke,

Thank you for the update.

I’m glad you solved the problem.

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