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we are using Jenkins <-> Octopus - Plugin. The setup is done but currently we are running octopus server on 2019.9.10 LTS. So the current change from 2019.10 is NOT available … (Package metadata has been renamed to Build Information and promoted to a top level section in the Octopus Library.)

Our Build Process writes the following:
Detected Octopus server version doesn’t support the Build Information API, pushing build information as legacy package metadata: “YourNoteFile”…
Push successful

Now I have the following questions:

  1. Where can I find the metadata-package? (can not find it in library)+
  2. Or should the metadata-Filename be the same name as the before pushed package? for Example: “Webportal.nupkg” --> Push Build-Info: “Webportal” (same name)

Kind Regards

Hi @BlindRob

The good news here is that we are releasing a new LTS tomorrow which will include the build information update.

In the meantime, yes the metadata package name should be the same between the package and the build information. As for the metadata, if the package Id and version are aligned, when you view the package in the library you should see the build information. It’s also in the DB, if you want to confirm it’s there.

If you have any further questions please let me know,


Hi @Alex.Rolley ,

sounds great. :slight_smile:
Package Id and version are aligned --> so this means our metadata-File need to have the same name then the package & is also in the specific Package-View available (where I can see the pushed packages for example,

Kind Regards

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