Loading nuget packages sometimes doesn't complete

When attempting to create a new release, if there are more than 10 or so packages in my nuget network share feed, the “Loading…” fields for the packages never populate a dropdown list. As soon as I delete older nuget packages to around 5 files I refresh the page and the dropdowns load up the package versions right away.

Is this a defeciency in how the nuget network share feed works or something with octopus?


Hi Sean,

That is strange - my main dogfooding project has over 50 versions of the
same package (served over a virtual network share) and it isn’t a problem.

Is your share hosted on another computer, and could there be some latency in
connecting to the share? Either way it’s probably a bug I need to fix in
Octopus, at least to extend the timeout. I’ll see what I can do and get back
to you.


Paul Stovell

The packages are hosted on another machine. I think if you do have a timeout value that you can bump up that may resolve the problem.



Hi Paul,

I’ve experienced a similar issue with the “Loading…” fields taking a while or never populating. Both Octopus and my NuGet feed website are on the same server. From what I can tell it looks like the problem happens if app pool running the NuGet feed has shutdown due to the idle timeout and needs to start up again. Once the feed is running though everything seems fine.


Thanks for reporting this gentlemen. I’ll add some better error handling to that page, and see if I can reproduce it. I’ll update you when I have a result.


The latest build includes a refresh button and better error displays - let me know if you have any issues:



I installed the new octopus server and see an error in the bottom right. Where are the logs located and I can show you the entries that showed up in the logfile. I see you’re using log4net. Is the logging sent to the db?

Here is a capture of the error message


Hi Sean,

Sadly JavaScript doesn’t seem to give a lot of details as to why an XMLHttpRequest failed. If this happens again, can you use your browser debugging tools (IE Developer tools, Chrome Ctrl+Shift+i, Firefox Firebug) and go to the Networking section to get the complete details?


Here is some details from Firebug:


Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.

There are 5 requests kicked off, one for each of the 5 packages I have on this deployment. Each request responds with the same body and a 500 status code.


I have a similar problem on this page - often the Versions dropdown doesn’t populate, and clicking refresh just shows an error in the bottom right.

Debugging doesn’t turn up much, just that it’s stuck waiting for a return from /Feeds/FindPackageVersions.

Hope that helps…!

Hi Neil and Sean,

This error will no doubt be related to the NuGet.Server problem here:


Once I can figure out what’s going on with NuGet.Server it should be possible to solve this issue.