Linux tentacle missing workerPool option

The new beta linux tentacle does not seem to have the --workerPool option even as the documentation calls it out…

This is the archive method on Ubuntu 18.04. I can register as a deployment target just fine, that works.

Getting this error:
Unrecognized command line arguments: --workerPool “Default Worker Pool”

You can see from help that option is not there:
root@b4466348c541:/opt/octopus/tentacle# ./Tentacle register-with --help
Usage: Tentacle register-with []

Where [] is any of:

  --instance=VALUE       Name of the instance to use
  --server=VALUE         The Octopus Server - e.g., 'http://octopus'
  --apiKey=VALUE         Your API key; you can get this from the Octopus
                           web portal

-u, --username, --user=VALUE
If not using API keys, your username
-p, --password=VALUE If not using API keys, your password
–name=VALUE Name of the machine when registered; the default
is the hostname
–policy=VALUE The name of a machine policy that applies to
this machine
-h, --publicHostName=VALUE An Octopus-accessible DNS name/IP address for
this machine; the default is the hostname
-f, --force Allow overwriting of existing machines
–comms-style=VALUE The communication style to use - either
TentacleActive or TentaclePassive; the default
is TentaclePassive
–proxy=VALUE When using passive communication, the name of a
proxy that Octopus should connect to the
Tentacle through - e.g., ‘Proxy ABC’ where the
proxy name is already configured in Octopus; the
default is to connect to the machine directly
–space=VALUE The name of the space within which this command
will be executed. E.g. ‘Finance Department’
where Finance Department is the name of an
existing space. The default space will be used
if omitted.
When using active communication, the comms port
on the Octopus Server; the default is 10943
When using active communication over websockets,
the address of the Octopus Server, eg
‘wss://’. Refer to
When using passive communication, the comms port
that the Octopus Server is instructed to call
back on to reach this machine; defaults to the
configured listening port
–env, --environment=VALUE
The environment name to add the machine to - e.-
g., ‘Production’; specify this argument multiple
times to add multiple environments
-r, --role=VALUE The machine role that the machine will assume -
e.g., ‘web-server’; specify this argument
multiple times to add multiple roles
–tenant=VALUE A tenant who the machine will be connected to;
specify this argument multiple times to add
multiple tenants
–tenanttag=VALUE A tenant tag which the machine will be tagged
with - e.g., ‘CustomerType/VIP’; specify this
argument multiple times to add multiple tenant
How the machine should participate in tenanted
deployments. Allowed values are Untenanted,
TenantedOrUntenanted and Tenanted.

Or one of the common options:

  --help                 Show detailed help for this command

Seems like a documentation issues, the sample says use Tentacle register-with but it seems that it is Tentacle register-worker

You’re absolutely right, register-worker is the command you want.

We apologize for the confusion. We’ll correct the documentation.

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