Linux Server mono options

Hi -

One of our new developers has written some C# code that executes correctly on a Linux server w/ mono 5; but fails when executing against a Linux server w/ mono 6. What options do we have beyond rebuilding the target servers with a Linux dist that supports mono 5?


Hi Shannon,
Thanks for contacting the Support Team.

I am a little unclear as to the issue you are having with your SSH target. Firstly I will link to our page on SSH target requirements:

From that page you have the option of using the self-contained Calamari which doesn’t require the mono package from the OS. You are free to install the version of mono 5 you need at that point.

Beyond that we would need more info on the requirements you have, in relation to how Octopus is linking with your app/C# code to run on the SSH target.

Let us know if we can help further

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Thanks Paraic. Let me circle back with my team and get more details.