Linux-arm64 Calamari build?

(Eduard Sergeev) #1

We are trying to deploy to AWS EC2 A1 machine which is linux-arm64 so we need Calamari for this platform but I don’t think it is currently supported? Would it be hard to add such support?
PS We followed this article on how to replace Calamari with linux-arm version, but that arm is arm32

(Eduard Sergeev) #3

OK, to answer my own question: it is trivial to add linux-arm64 build to Calamari (just by adding it to <RuntimeIdentifiers> list). And it works with SSH tentacle but only when it is named Calamari.linux-arm.nupkg. If we try to use proper name Calamari.linux-arm64.nupkg the deployment fails with the following error:

Platform linux-arm64 is currently not supported

Is there a way to add linux-arm64 to the list of supported platforms? Otherwise we can just use Calamari.linux-arm.nupkg name for linux-arm64 but it doesn’t seem like the cleanest solution.

(Justin Walsh) #4

Hi @Eduard_Sergeev!

Thanks for getting in touch - we don’t have an official release for ARM64 yet, but as you were able to work around, there are some hacky ways to do this. I’ll bring up the desire for a full arm64 platform support with our engineers and see if it’s something that is on the roadmap.