Links not rendered in release but rendered on library

I have a nuget package with release notes that have a link with whitespace (eg: ### [History]( project/file.xls)

If i search the package on the library section, the release notes are rendered withou problem but if i use the package on a project, the the notes on the release does not render the link

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Hi Fernando,

Thanks for getting in touch! What version of Octopus are you using? It was only recently that the NuGet package release notes were updated to show Markdown:
The fix is available in versions higher than 3.3.14.

If you are on a higher version can you provide a screenshot and the exact metadata of your package.


Our octopus version is 3.3.19. I attach the screenshots and the release notes used are:

##My Package

Release X.X.X.X (04/07/2016)
* Some changes done in the package
* More changes done
* dll nº1
* dll nº2

[History]( Project/MyFile.xlsb)

Best regards

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the details. I have created an issue to have this addressed:
Out of curiosity does it fix when there are a few extra blank lines after the link?