Link Varaible Sets

Is there a way to link variable sets together?
We have a variable set the list out environments and then I have other variable sets that inject the environments in to strings such as URL’s and UNC paths. It would be nice if there was a way to link our environment variable set as a requirement of another variable set. Currently I just note the requirements in the description of the variable set and I hope that if a programmer uses that variable set that they also read the description and also add the second required variable set. In theory it would nice that if you add the variable set with the URL’s and UNC paths, the additional required variable set would automatically be added to the project.

Hi @ccamp,

Thanks for getting in touch! We don’t currently have a great way to handle this unfortunately. The best way I can think to configure Octopus to do this would be to add a step to your deployment which could check to confirm that “dependant” variable sets have been added to the project. This is a fairly cumbersome approach and not really ideal. It would require some custom scripting on your end and the step would need to be added on each project.

We have a feature which has been in the works here for a while. Composite Step Templates, which should be able to handle this functionality. Unfortunately, we don’t have any ETA on this feature at this time so it won’t be very much help right now.

Sorry for the bad news on this. If you have any questions or further thoughts at all, please let me know.

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