Limited parallelism not shown since Octopus 3.x


I’m not sure if this is a Bug or a Feature, but we still missing an Info at the TaskLogs. I think since Octopus 3.0 the limited parallelism info was gone. I’d attached two screens. One deployment was from October (Octopus 2.6.4) and the second from March (Octopus 3.1.4). You can see that the tasklog didn’t list the concurrent parallelism limit. I also can’t find this info at the database. So is this a bug or did you decided to don’t show this info anymore?


Hi Marco,

Thanks for getting in touch and great question. I had to dig a bit to try to find the answer but it looks like it was removed by design. The move from Octopus 2.x to 3.0 involved tons of changes and improvements to the underlying architecture so we could continue to enhance the product. The orchestration code that previously printed this out has changed drastically and it doesn’t appear to fit any longer.

If you wanted, you could always print out the same information with a simple script like the following.

$maxParallelism = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Action.MaxParallelism"]
Write-Host "Parallelism limited to $maxParallelism tentacles concurrently"

Hope this helps!



Hi Rob,

thanks for the script. Works as expected.